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Before you commit to travel plans, make sure these people understand what you want, including having them check their own quote. I made arrangements 5 weeks ago, through an agent, booked flights, hotel..., assuming this clinic knew what they were doing.

I sent x-rays and a comprehensive layout of what my dentist in the U.S. need to perform. I also gave the agent and clinic the exact time I had for getting this work done and if it couldn't be done, I wouldn't book the appointment. Today, one week before my appointment, It all went sour.

After 3 days and not fully understanding the broken English emails, it finally turns out the clinic increased my treatment by 50%, making what was a $2000 treatment to a $4000 treatment. All this new dramatic info so late in the game? Their reasoning was there was not enough time for their lab to finish the porcelain/ bridge work and a rush job would have been double. Oh, it also meant using cheaper materials than originally quoted.

I have to now cancel the appointment and hopefully get my flight refund and hotel deposit back. Be careful, the last thing you is to fly all the way to Mexico and find out it would have cost the same as having your dental work done back home.

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